Friday, March 25, 2011

2008 Highlander - Serpentine Belt Tensioner Pulley


I'm new to the forum, looking for some desperately needed help. We heard a noise coming from the V-belt and took it to the dealer. Turns out all we need to replace is the tensioner pulley, so I did not want to claim it on the 100K warranty - seemed like a bad choice with only 30K left on the vehicle before we get that $1200 refunded.

Problem is, I cannot figure out how to loosen this tensioner to get the belt off and replace the pulley. Apparently there is not a Chilton for 2nd gen highlanders yet, and all the searching I've done only explains this for 1st gen. Anyone have any knowledge/diagrams/pics/advice on how to do this???

Thanks for the help

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What timing, I heard a noise like crickets coming from my engine. Local mechanic says it is the tensioner pulley. He tells me that they have to take off the alternator in order to remove the tensioner due to the way to tensioner pulley bracket is installed. Did you have your replaced? If so, did you notice if the engine feels different?

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  1. mechanic says I need a pulley and has to include an alternator.
    makes fan belt noise when you turn on he car
    2004 Toyota Hylander SUV
    is $400 to much?